Today’s business environment is unpredictable with risks and opportunities around every turn. Sexual harassment has landed on the business agenda following the Harvey Weinstein allegations exploded onto the front pages of the New York Times on October 5, 2017.  This scandal became a viral tsunami 10 days later, with actor Alyssa Milano’s encouragement of victims to tweet the words “me too”.  This was the catalyst for social media to bring a global collective of women together to Speak Out and Take Action℠.  These terrible first-person stories of sexual harassment clogged the internet globally.  As increasingly more women come forward so too do men across industries and government with allegations of sexual harassment across sectors – entertainment, news media, sports, hospitality, healthcare, government, technology, start-ups, law, financial services, private and public industries – professional women and men must come together to Speak Out and Take Action℠.  

Houston’s Speak Out and Take Action℠ Against Sexual Harassment Summit 2018 is curated by leaders for leaders.  Join this summit to Speak Out and Take Action℠ in your career, business, and social environments to improve our quality of life in workplaces and social settings.


We decided to start this new initiative by bringing together a cross section of greater Houston industry thought leaders to give voice and programs for Houston to Speak Out and Take Action℠ to address sexual harassment in workplaces, businesses, private and public entities. Our belief is - We business and academic leaders must Speak Out and Take Action℠, we need to stand together - professional women and men in partnership against this business and social virus.

This summit provides prompt and structured thought leadership to deliver high impact positive dialogue with leading practice solutions and programs for our workplaces and the greater Houston business community.


Please bring your voice and passion to this important topic by joining this summit to support Houston’s professional women and men stop sexual harassment and focus on creating value at work, accelerate careers, and pursue a higher quality of work life.

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Speak Out and Take Action℠ Summit 2018 

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