Take the Pledge to Speak Out and Take Action℠

Take the pledge is taking action and leading by example. Speak Out and Take Action℠ makes change happen. 


Join Houston’s first Speak Out and Take Action℠ initiative by taking the pledge.  Commit to helping create a culture of respect, colleague intervention, and victim support.




PledgeTo Speak Out and Take Action℠ Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Meeting-place, Collaboration-place, Anyplace. 


To ACCEPT that all employees expect and deserve respectful treatment in the workplace.

To RECOGNIZE that women and men should be able to work without fear of unwelcome sexual advances, uninvited physical contact, sexually-charged conversation, or retaliation.

To IDENTIFY situations in which sexual harassment may occur.


To Speak Out and Take Action℠ when misconduct or sexual harassment may be taking place.


To BUILD an environment in which sexual harassment

is universally rejected and victims are supported.

Take the Pledge

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